Freitag, 03.11.2017

Lecture Series: Ottoman Crossings - Osmanische Schnittstellen

Mittwochs 18:30 Uhr, 08.11 - 13.12.2017, Seminarraum Turcica Wissenschaftliche Leitung: Prof. Dr. David Selim Sayers, Universität Wien Unterstützt durch das Institut für Orientalistik Universität Wien, die Orientalische Gesellschaft und die Österreichische Orientgesellschaft Hammer-Purgstall

Research on the Ottoman Empire is a broad field full of intersections: between men, women, and youths; between poetic expression and political action; between languages, cultures, and religions; between peace, war, and genocide; between past and present - and last but not least, from an academic perspective, between history and literature. This six-week international lecture series at the University of Vienna brings together scholars from Turkey, Greece, France, Germany, and Austria to survey this broad field in all its richness and in light of the most current research questions. As its theoretical leitmotiv, the series takes the literary (re-)production of the historical, or the question how history is created, preserved and reinvented by literary means.