Einladung zum Vortrag Water Management in the Mountains

and in the Desert of Jordan

Knowledge of water management in Jordan was very advanced in the Nabataean/ Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Ingenious and spectacular water systems found in the region testify of this. People managed to use the water(re)sources to cultivate the mountains region and what is currently barren area. This presentation centres on ancient water management and irrigation practices in the north (Umm Qays) and south (Udhruh) of Jordan. The central research question is: how did Nabataean/ Hellenistic, Romans and Byzantines successively deal with water shortages and what was their success?


Der Vortrag findet im Seminarraum Turcica statt!


Marta Luciani, Institut für Orientalistik


Sufyan Al Karaimeh, University of Leiden

Datum: 28.06.2017
Zeit: 18:00