A Portrait of Two Dead Civilizations:

A. Leo Oppenheim, Ancient Mesopotamia, and the Holocaust

A. Leo Oppenheim (1904-74), a son of Vienna, was among the most consequential students of ancient Mesopotamia in the 20th century – and, in his synthesis of this civilization, among the most enigmatic. His writings provide some basic and still unsurpassed understandings of this civilization, but also contain an almost meditative resignation about this “dead civilization,” fundamentally severed from and beyond recovery by its modern students. What might be responsible for this? This lecture will seek to address this question by turning to Oppenheim’s own story, in the middle part of the former century, and consider whether his personal tragedy affected his intellectual vision.

Donnerstag 2. 6., 19 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum Arabica


Prof. Dr. Abraham Winitzer (Notre Dame University)

Datum: 02.06.2016
Zeit: 19:00