A Glance of Indonesian Islam

Contemporary issues and developments

Panel Presentation

Dr. Ali Nurdin, Islam and State Relationship in Indonesia: The View of Gus Dur,

Dr. Saparudin Siregar, Islamic Banking and Current Issue Practice in Indonesia,

Dr. Mohamad Obie, Conflicts of Coastal and Marine Resources in Eastern Indonesia,

Dr. Nafis Irkhami, The study of Economic and Political Thought of Hizbut Tahrir,

Dr. Ro'fah Mudzakir, Seeking Religious and Social Acceptance: Minority Issues in Indonesia.


Freitag, 16.Dezember 2016, ab 14 Uhr Seminarraum Turcica

1090 Wien, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 4



Datum: 16.12.2016
Zeit: 14:00