The Archibab Programme: Aims, Methods and Perspectives

Vortrag von Prof. Dominque Charpin

Dienstag 16. Mai 2017 um 18:00 Uhr

Hörsaal Arabica, Institut für Orientalistik




It is not easy to work on the ca. 32,000 Old Babylonian archival texts that have been published so far: first,

because the pertinent bibliography is scattered widely, and second, because numerous texts have only

been published as hand copies (a practice which is unfortunately continued to this day). For those reasons,

ARCHIBAB wanted to be from its outset more than just a simple collection of digital editions of Old

Babylonian texts: it is a relational database allowing complex searches drawing on textual and metadata

alike. Dominique Charpin will describe the database and provide several examples of possible searches.

In conclusion, he will speak about future perspectives regarding the contents and the structure of the site

and the use of the underlying structure for the creation of other databases (ARCHIMAS, ARCHIKAS).

Note: can also be consulted in English.



Datum: 16.05.2017
Zeit: 18:00