Archiv für Orientforschung

Internationale Zeitschrift für die Wissenschaft vom Vorderen Orient

Founded by Ernst Weidner, continued by Hans Hirsch, edited by Hermann Hunger, Michael Jursa,  Gebhard J. Selz and Michaela Weszeli.

Editor: Michaela Weszeli

Number of publications per year: irregular

ISSN: 0066-6440

Languages: German, English, French and Italian

Types of Content: Articles, Reviews, Obituaries, Bibliographies, Index for Assyriology

The Archiv für Orientforschung publishes essays and reviews in the field of ancient Near Eastern philology (languages: Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite, Hurrian, Elamite, etc.), the religious, legal, economic and social history of the ancient Near East and Egypt, as well as the Near Eastern archeology and art history. Subjects of research are Mesopotamia and its neighboring countries (Northern Syria, Anatolia, Elam), e.g. regions in which cuneiform writing was written at certain times and, secondarily, more remote peripheries (Egypt). The period covered covers the 4th to 1st millennium BC. The review section focuses on monographs. Collections and Festschriften are briefly discussed.


Any other reprints of articles and illustrations published in the Archiv für Orientforschung are only permitted during the statutory period of protection with the express permission of the publisher and the publisher. For further inquiries, please contact Michaela Weszeli (