Director of Studies

Dr. Ellen Rehm, Privatdoz.

Department of Near Eastern Studies, Spitalgasse 2, Court 4, 1090 Vienna
Office: 2C-Z1-52, Tel. +43-1-4277-43417


Office hours during the Winter Semester 2023:

Tuesday 13:15-14:45, by appointment.

SSU-14 Team for Near Eastern Studies

Iwan Hajdinjak, BA

Responsible for: Submission of examination passes for the completed BA and MA programmes (with completed forms), remarks, corrections of examination data, course catalogue, teaching administration and many more.

telephone: +43-1-4277-45117


StudiesServiceUnit “SIAMOS”
University Campus Spitalgasse 2-4, Court 1, Entrance 1.17, 1090 Vienna

Please also note that study-related e-mail correspondence may only be made via the u:net address (
Requests from former and prospective students from private e-mail accounts will not be answered, unless a scan of an official identification document is attached.