Welcome to the Department of Near Eastern Studies!

As a center for the study of the Near and Middle East, including North Africa, the institute is not merely the only institution of its kind in Austria, but is also one of the largest such institutes in central Europe. Research includes funded projects, and teaching concentrates on Ancient Near Eastern Studies (Assyriology), Near Eastern Archaeology, Arabic Studies, Islamic Studies, and Turkish Studies with special emphasis on Ottoman Studies.

Nicla De Zorzi zu neuem Mitglied der Jungen Akademie der ÖAW ernannt

Bei der jährlichen Wahlsitzung der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften am 12. April 2019 wurde Nicla De Zorzi aufgrund ihrer...

The magic of Mesopotamia

Assyriologist and ERC Starting Grant investigator Nicla De Zorzi studies ancient Mesopotamian literature, magic and divination at the University of...

Call for Papers - CEST 2019

Call for Papers - 5th Annual European Symposium on Turkey: The Concept of Culture and its Politization in Turkey and the Diaspora

Turkish Studies and Turkology in Italy: updating the tradition

Workshop convened by Yavuz Köse, Alan Mikhail, Onur İnal

Audimax 19: Arabist Stephan Procházka

Stephan Procházka war bereits als Kind mit Sprache und Identität konfrontiert. Zum Arabischen und seinen Dialekten ist er eher zufällig gekommen. Ob...