Research Projects

The focal points of our projects at the Institute for Oriental Studies are very diverse and include cultural, historical, and linguistic topics relating to the Near and Middle East and North Africa. Below can be found an overview of projects at the Institute for Oriental Studies.

Current Projects

Astronomical Diaries Digital

Pirngruber, R. & Jursa, M.


Project: Research funding

GAIA: Galen in Arabic - more than a translation

Wakelnig, E.


Project: Research funding

The language of the Arab minority in Southern Iran

El Zarka, D. & Prochazka, S.


Project: Research funding

The Oriental Outpost of the Republic of Letters

Wallnig, T. J. J., Römer, C., Celik, H., Petrolini, C. & Molino, P.


Project: Research funding

Tunisia’s Linguistic terra incognita

Ritt-Benmimoun, V.


Project: Research funding

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Future Projects

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