An Overview of Our Study Programmes Offered

At the Deparment of Near Eastern Studies, a bachelor’s program, three master’s courses, and a doctoral programme are currently offered. Further information is provided below and under the correspondent subcategories. For examination dates please see the Course Directory.

Bachelor's Programme in Near Eastern Studies

The goal of the of the bachelor’s programme in Near Eastern Studies at the University of Vienna is to provide sound knowledge of the languages and cultures of the Near and Middle East, as well as North Africa. On the basis of common basic modules that provide an overview of the history, religions and cultures of the region, it is possible to specialize in one of three fields. These correspond to the “Alternative Compulsory Module Groups”: “Ancient Near Eastern Philology and Near Eastern Archaeology,” with a focus on Akkadian and Sumerian; “Arabic and Islamic Studies,” with a focus on Arabic and its dialects; and “Turkish Studies,” with a focus on Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, and Persian.

Master's Programmes

Depending on one’s chosen specialization, one of the three master studies offered at the institute can be selected on the basis of one’s bachelor’s degree in Near Eastern Studies. A doctoral programme can be attached to each. The common goal of all master’s degree programmes is to enable independently scholarly work on topics of one’s chosen field.


MA in Ancient Near Eastern Philology and Near Eastern Archaeology

Building on the foundational knowledge acquired during the bachelor’s programme, the master’s programme in Ancient Near Eastern Philology and Near Eastern Archaeology enables independent scholarly interaction with the cultures of the ancient Near East. In addition to an emphasis on philology and history, based on the two cuneiform languages of Akkadian and Sumerian, this programme offers the possibility of a secondary focus on Near Eastern Archaeology or on Semitic studies, in particular the study of Ancient South Arabian. In its content, the programme is strongly focused on research and offers various points of connection to the Department of Near Eastern Studies. In this way it also prepares students seeking a scholarly career for a later doctoral programme in the field of Ancient Near Eastern Studies as well as Near Eastern Studies, Semitic Studies and/or Ancient Studies.


MA in Arab World Studies

The master’s programme in Arab World Studies is a programme in cultural studies within the framework one may focus on the Arab society and religion or on the Arabic language, depending on one’s chosen orientation. A third branch allows specialization in the cultures and languages of ancient and modern South Arabia. The goal of this master’s programme is to acquire a good knowledge of modern developments in the Arab world in its entirety, with special emphasis on various forms of Muslim religiosity as well as on a mastery of Modern Standard Arabic up to Level C1. The curriculum offers many options and, thereby, individual specialization on specific topics. An optional semester abroad at an educational institution in the Arab world is similarly offered.


MA in Turkish/Ottoman Studies

The master’s programme in Turkish Studies is a programme in philology in which one can expand one’s knowledge of Modern Turkish and learn another Turkic language (e.g. Uzbek, Kyrgyz, or Azerbaijani). The focus of the master’s programme in Turkish Studies is decidedly Ottoman Turkish, from both a philological and a historical-cultural perspective. The main focus is on Ottoman paleography and the reading of Ottoman official documents, as well as on work with, and the edition of, original manuscripts.