Economic Activities of Assyrian Women According to Old Assyrian Archives (19th Century BCE)

11.12.2018 19:00

Vortrag von Prof. Cécile Michel, CNRS, Nanterre

The Old Assyrian private archives, mainly of commercial nature, include a higher proportion of documents related to women and their economic activities than the majority of other cuneiform corpora. Letters sent from Aššur reflect the preeminent role of the Assyrian women in the domestic economy, as well as their participation in long distance trade. Contracts and other legal texts excavated at Kaneš attest Assyrian women as party in marriage contracts, last wills, loans and purchase contracts. (...)


Turcica, Institut für Orientalistik

Seminarraum Turcica (1F-01-01), Institut für Orientalistik, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 4, 1090 Wien