Degree Programmes

Master's Degree

The Master's programme in Assyriology and Near Eastern Archaeology, building on the basic knowledge acquired in the BA, teaches the ability to research the cultures of the ancient Near East independently and academically. In addition to a philological and historical focus on the two main cuneiform languages, Akkadian and Sumerian, the programme offers the possibility of a second focus in Near Eastern Archaeology or Semitic Studies, especially Old South Arabic Studies. The course of study is strongly research-led in its content and offers various links to the research projects carried out at the Institute of Near Eastern Studies; in this way, it also prepares students aspiring to an academic career for later doctoral studies in the field of Assyriology and, in general, in Near Eastern, Semitic and/or Ancient Studies.



After successful completion of a Master's degree in Assyriology and Near Eastern Archaeology, a doctoral programme can be pursued. This is often possible within a research project. The main focus can be on Ancient Near Eastern Philology, Near Eastern Archaeology, Semitic Studies or Old South Arabic Studies. The aim is to produce a dissertation, a major scientific work with new findings in the respective field.