Degree Programmes

Master’s Degree

The goal of the Master’s programme in Turkish Studies at the University of Vienna is to enable students to produce original scholarly research about historical and current social and cultural issues, developments, and phenomena in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey through the use of primary sources. The Master’s programme in Turkish Studies provides students not only with in-depth knowledge of the histories, cultures, societies, religions, and politics of the Ottoman Empire and modern-day Turkey and the Turkic-speaking lands, but also of the history of the field and its theoretical and methodological techniques. The language of instruction is German, though some courses can also be offered in English. The course of study prepares students for subsequent doctoral study or for other research-related activities.


A doctorate in the field of Turkish Studies can be pursued in both historical and contemporary topics. Ideally, the planned dissertation project’s topic should fit within the established key research areas of Viennese Turkish Studies (see Profile – Key Research Areas).

If you are interested, you can contact us with a detailed research proposal.

  • 10-12 DIN A 4 pages (approx. 20,000 characters), excluding bibliography; font: Times New Roman 12 pt; line spacing: 1.5
  • Content description of the project with clear objectives (clear questions, defined topic of interest)
  • Information about the specific subject matter
  • Overview of the state of research, contextualizing the proposed dissertation project within it (highlighting the research gap and the relevance and originality of the proposed project)
  • Overview of basic theoretical concepts
  • Description of the methods to be applied
  • Timeline and work plan
  • Selected bibliography (approx. 2 pages)