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Regrettably, the following corrections from the author were not applied in the printed version of the article Die adab-Komposition Išme-Dagan B (Manuel Ceccarelli, WZKM 109 (2019) 137–170)


p. 147 line 7 change to: 7. ,Die mit den kühlenden Händen‘, die Beschwörungspriesterin der zahlreichen Leute [...]

p. 152 add the following comments to line 7: 7. Ich verstehe šu-ḫal-bi als bahuvrihi-Kompositum. Zum Epitheton ama šu-ḫal-bi s. zuletzt George (2016: 106) „mother with cooling hands“; ḫal-bi = ḫalba/i (A.MUŠ3.DI) akk. ḫalpû „Frost“, takṣâtu „Kälte“, šupšuḫu „beruhigen, lindern“.

p. 166 add the following title: George, A.R., 2016: Mesopotamian Incantations and Related Texts in the Schøyen Collection. CUSAS 32. Bethesda, MA: CDL-Press.