Ehemalige Andreas-Tietze-Fellows

Dr. Semih Çelik

Project: " 'A Veritable Child of Vienna – despite the Turkish name': Macarlı Abdullah Bey of Vienna and the Natural History Museum in Istanbul (1849-1874)"

Fellowship Period: August-September 2019

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Pınar Karakılçık (MA)

Project Title: A Sociolinguistic Introduction to Turkish Dialectology in the Context of Grassroots Texts in Armeno-Turkish

Fellowship Period: December 2021

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Yasemin Akçagüner (MA)

Project Title: Celestial Bodies: Astral Science, Medicine and the Ottoman Lifecycle (1768-1839)

Fellowship Period: May 2022

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Dr. Sümeyye Hoşgör Büke

Project Title: Tracing the Food Consumption of Ottomans through the Tereke Registers of the Grocers in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Fellowship Period: TBA

Arif Tapan (MA)

Project Title: “Expanding the Limits of Writing in Turkish: Armeno-Turkish Periodicals in the 19th-Century Ottoman Cultural Production (1850-1900)”

Fellowship Period: September-December 2022

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Alperen Arslan (MA)

Project Title: Nature as a Universal Laboratory: Energy, Empire, and the Problem of -Global- Scientific Knowledge, 1870-1945

Fellowship Period: September-November 2022

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